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Killala Bay Cable Landing Station

Simon Beale + Associates acted in the role of Assigned Certifier for this project. The Landing Station (CLS) is part of a multi-million euro transatlantic fibre optic cable development.

The sub-sea cable system extends from a cable landing station in Shirley, Long Island and traverses 5536Km to a corresponding cable landing station in Killala, Co. Mayo, Ireland. On the US side, diverse backhaul fibre is in place to PoPs at 800 Secaucus, 165 Halsey, 1118th Ave, 32 Ave of the Americas, and 60 Hudson.

On the European side diverse backhaul fibre is in place to PoP in Killala, CLS and all of the major data centres in Dublin. From Dublin, there are two diverse Irish Sea crossings and diverse backhaul fibre from Wales to London to interconnect with all of the major datacentre PoPs there.

The entire AEConnect system has been designed to provide the most secure transatlantic cable system in existence. On both the US and European side, the cable transverses the minimum length to shallow water of the continental shelf whilst obtaining 1-5m of burial throughout.

The cable avoids major fishing grounds and shipping anchorage areas. Despite its highly secure routing, the AEConnect cable still delivers one of the lowest latency crossings of the Atlantic.

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