On the 15th of May 2019 the government announced that it had agreed to provide €20 million to repair homes affected by pyrite and muscovite mica in Mayo and Donegal.

SIMON BEALE + ASSOCIATES are pleased to announce that following continuing professional development examination, SIMON BEALE has recently been included onto a panel of Chartered Engineers who have the necessary direct professional experience, competence and specialist training in accordance  with the requirements set out on  I.S. 465:2018 – Assessment, testing and categorisation of damaged buildings incorporating concrete blocks containing certain deleterious materials’

The relates to defective blockwork causing problems in Mayo (pyrite) and Donegal (muscovite mica) which will need to be assessed by a member of the above mentioned panel in order to be eligible for any future government redress scheme.

Please see link to the Register below showing Simon’s inclusion in the panel: –


Further details of the scheme are to follow.